Welcome to Permablitz the Gong!


You’ve probably ended up here because you have come to one of our blitzes, you’ve seen posts on our Facebook page, or you’ve been referred here from a friend who thought you’d be interested. Maybe you were just trawling around looking for info about permaculture? Whatever your reason, come on in…

Who are we?

We (Bec, Jacqui, Shez and Kristy) are a permaculture collective of trained designers who host regular permablitzes. Permablitzes are an informal gathering involving a day on which a group of people (in our case, rad folk from Wollongong and surrounds) come together to achieve the following:

  • create or add to edible gardens where someone lives
  • share skills related to permaculture and sustainable living
  • build community networks
  • have fun

Come and enjoy a great day to see what permaculture is all about, and if you like it enough to come to three permablitzes you are eligible for one at your house!

For heaps more information about permaculture and permablitz check out our Facebook page, or the Permablitz Melbourne website



Eating the suburbs, one backyard at a time!