Permablitz #10 – Recap and reflections

Permablitz #10 was at the home of Blitz regulars Matt and Christine and their daughters Ruth and Alice. They had bought a house with an eye to creating a permaculture oasis in their suburban backyard and it was wonderfully aspected and easy to design for.

Christine has put together some reflections on the day

“We were very excited when we had confirmation that we were going to host a Permablitz. The two of us had set up gardens over many years, and we were really looking forward to planning a garden that was going to last a long time.

Attending blitzes was a great way of seeing ideas put into action, and it gave us a chance to talk about what we wanted and what we could practically maintain. When it came time to sit down with the four awesome organisers, we found that we all came up with really similar ideas.

Every blitz is different, and there were a few key ideas that we wanted in our garden. We wanted to walk out the back door and collect our brekky/lunch/dinner, we needed fun space that the whole family could use, and we wanted to have native plants that are just beautiful to look at. And space for the chickens and bunnies.




We were amazed at the transformation on the day (see Matt on video!), and just as amazing was watching everything grow over the following months. The yard went from a very dark and overgrown, to a light filled, food-producing garden with space for animals, flowers, and areas to socialize. We spend lots of time in the garden doing work, or just lying around, and are often thinking about the next thing to do. We have grown food that we’ve never grown before!



Sharing food with family and friends is lovely. Regular visitors also include well king parrots, cockatoos, bats, frogs and blue tongues. The day of the blitz was a huge effort from many many people, working in the hot sun (THANK YOU!!!), and we are lucky enough to have this awesome garden as a huge part of our every day life.

We are very grateful to Jacqui, Kristy, Chez and Bek for their fantastic organizing skills, even when unwell or after doing 16 hours work the day before! We are thankful to all the volunteers on the day, including Josh and Trish with food and Carlita, Sharon and Cali with the kids. We were also very lucky to have a wonderful video made of the blitz – thank you to Rory and Claire from Laww Media who did an awesome job of capturing the massive effort on the day”

Christine & Matt


Ruth – There are lots of things that that have changed from Permablitz day to now. I think the garden is really great, though the tomatoes are taking over. Now we have King Parrots visiting the garden. I love the bunnies and the blue tongues, and I adore the ladybugs.

Alice – I want another Permablitz. I like the garden. I like the frogs and the tadpoles and the blue tongues. I like the chickens.

International Permaculture Day Tours

On May the 5th the Permablitz the Gong crew hosted garden tours of the first three blitz sites to celebrate International Permaculture Day. As with any events you host, it was slightly nerve wracking as we stood ready to welcome people at the first site and we just crossed everything that someone would show up. Before we knew it, people were streaming down the driveway! There were familiar faces, and also a lot of new faces, including a group who had made the trek all the way from the Nowra Community Garden!

Several people attended all three sites, and we ran multiple tours on each site taking people through aspects of the design, and pointing out the elements that had been implemented on the permablitzes. It was an overwhelmingly positive day, especially when we heard people say over and over again “I’m going to go home and garden now!”. Even if people just get inspired to build one no dig bed and grow some salad, or raise some chickens, or implement anything they have seen on a blitz with some thought about how it fits into the system of their own environment, it creates lasting change.

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Eating the suburbs, one backyard at a time!


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