Caring for Chickens

Good Forage Food for Chooks

-Sheryl Wiffen

If you plant some of these around the outside of a wire fence where your chooks can access at will, they will self medicate to an extent.


  • Comfrey – The only plant with B12
  • Pigeon Pea – sunny well drained position
  • Black Wattle & Coastal wattle
  • Australian native Panicum
  • Catnip/catmint – repels lice and rodents, attracts cats
  • Feverfew -relative of pyrethrum, plant hot and dry
  • Garlic added to food &/or water – de-worming
  • Ginger
  • Nasturtium = de-worming
  • Nettles – combats worms, companion for tomatoes
  • Nettles – powered seaweed, nettles & comfrey = good laying stimulant
  • Rue – repels dogs & cats – dried applied through feathers for lice
  • Southernwood – insect repellant (likes dry conditions)
  • Tagasaste – legume tree (Tree Lucerne)
  • Tansy – de-worming, repels mice, flies, fleas & ants (?)
  • Wormwood – infuse for lice, hot dry, well drained, propagate via root division/ cuttings in autumn, strew in hen house
  • Kangaroo apple & sweet potato

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