Blitz #7 – Nerida and Kev

There’s nothing more amazing than seeing how many of you continue to turn up on the most horrendous rainy days! The spirit of our blitz volunteers seems enhanced somehow by truly dreadful weather, and people get muddy and dirty and soaked to the skin but still manage to have an amazing day and create something transformational for the blitz hosts.

This blitz was great – a combination of no dig gardens, raised gardens, chicken housing, bush regeneration, orchard planting, and even paving! The feel of this garden before the blitz was an organic, cottage garden kind of feel and the blitz team designed food into the space in a way that matched this aesthetic and fit with the environment that the hosts had created. Nerida has also kindly given us a few photos of how the garden is looking now – for the full photo album, check out our Facebook page. See below for the writeup!

One more back yard in the Gong Permablitzed! And yet again the declaration “We blitz rain, hail or shine” was proven mightily true!

We had barely a drop of rain for so many months and then we broke the drought by having a Permablitz at our place. Just as it was time to gather with Jacqui, Bec, Shez and Kristy in the yard, down came the rain and it stayed all day.

But the hardy folk of the Permablitz world were not deterred, with rain coats and wellies or sturdy boots (and even emergency ponchos) everyone tried to keep a wee bit dry. Tried….

But the cheerful chatting and sound of picks and shovels, wheelbarrows rolling, everything started happening, with teams jumping into jobs to turn another yard into a productive wonderland.

Meanwhile in the kitchen, Kevin and I had gone to plan B with the food – out with the salads and in with lots of hot ‘comfort’ food to help warm and cheer everyone at lunch time.

It was amazing and humbling to be on the receiving side of Permablitz, to stand with everyone in the Welcome Circle and realise they were all here to help us transform our yard.

And what a transformation! We started with a huge mountain of hay, straw, compost, manure, paper, cardboard, timber, wire, plants, tools and then added everyone’s energy and enthusiasm…….and at the end have a chicken run, swales and a fruit tree grove, loads of vegie and herb beds front and back, a pile of rubble converted to a storage and drop off area, beautifully levelled and paved, a banana plantation and the front verge converted to beautiful native grasses and trees to attract and shelter wild life.

I can’t wait to get to the next Permablitz, and the one after that and the one after that! And in the mean time I marvel at our Permaculture Garden and how much was done on that one wet and cool Sunday by a wonderful community of people who are so committed and give so much. A huge THANK YOU to everyone!


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