Blitz #5 – Jenna and Cam

It’s always great to hear from Permablitz hosts and participants about what their experience of the blitz was like. Jenna, one of the hosts from Blitz #5 has given us her take on the day…

The fun started for us the moment we found out we’d qualified for a blitz & started to work with the Permablitz the Gong team. We were amazed by all the planning & organising that happened well before the big day, and we enjoyed every step along the way. Kristy, Jacqui, Bec and Shez spent a lot of time observing the space, listening to what we wanted, sharing & building ideas with us. We collaborated over meals to finalise the design & went about collecting materials with 100% support.

The day itself was like a whirlwind of awesome. The permablitz team arrived early with their wheelbarrows and took everything in their stride. When waves of lovely people started arriving to help, Jacqui greeted them & put them to work – everything was so well planned, and everyone was so well looked after that I felt like I could just sit back and watch it all come together.

After a morning of hard work, everyone came together for lunch and a chat. It felt like everyone was an old friend of ours, even these that we’d just met. It was a wonderful experience.

When I stepped out after lunch (having been busy in the kitchen all morning) it was literally jaw-dropping. Years of work and transformation had been achieved in a single morning: vegetation was cleared, swales were dug, veggie beds were built, paths were made, trees were planted, a pond was dug and fences were well on their way. We were so grateful to everyone who gave up their Saturday to make something so great happen for us.

In the days after the blitz I found myself marvelling in the garden every day. A few things hadn’t gone to plan: we had to move a few fruit trees & we ran out of materials and time to finish some jobs. But gardens are evolving projects & the blitz certainly gave us a tremendous leg up.

3 weeks later, we harvested our first salad and now (9 weeks on) we are feeding our neighbours as well! We have tadpoles in our pond, potatoes poking their leafy heads up, and when it rains, the swales turn our veggie beds into islands in a lake of captured water.

Permablitz the Gong brings sustainability into our backyards, and people into communities. Our heartfelt thanks to all the blitzers who made this possible, as well as to the tireless and amazing team who are the driving force behind Permablitz the Gong. Together in eating the suburbs, one backyard at a time!

All the best & thanks again,

Jen x

Check out the photos from the day at our Facebook page


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