Blitz #4 – Tessha and Ben

A belated and HUGE thank you to everyone who attended Permablitz #4 on Saturday 23 February. We really put our rain, hail for shine policy to the test and had a fantastic and memorable day despite the insane weather! Here’s is what our hosts had to say about the day:

An hour before the blitz was due to start I looked at the rain and the large piles of mulch, straw, lucerne, horse poo, compost and stones and could see us being left with few helpers braving the weather and masses of resources to move. It was starting to feel a bit grim. I went inside to carry on cooking the lunch for around 40 people we anticipated and hoped there wouldn’t be too much food wasted because nobody would show up. When the first volunteer showed up about 10 minutes before the blitz was due to start, I was so relieved to see there was at least one helper! Slowly people started coming and coming. My fears were relieved when we gathered for a Welcome and there was almost 30 people there! And then more kept coming!

Ben and I are so grateful that so many amazing people showed up in the rain to transform our yard and verge into the beautiful garden we have been imagining it to be for the past year. The front lawn was turned from lawn to a series of aesthetically pleasing circular veggie beds and planted out with seedlings. A small army of muddy, wet awesome folks made short work of weeding the fence line and removing unwanted plants. Some trees were trimmed and the branches used as edging for the truly amazing transformation of the verge from a difficult to mow slope to a more leveled bed of native plants we admire every day.

It’s been a dream come true to have the help and skills of so many awesome people to make our vision realised. We can’t thank everyone enough. And especially thanks to the Permablitz the Gong team for setting up Permablitz in Wollongong and for all the support, time and plant cuttings!

Tessha and Ben

Check out some photos of the rain-drenched day at our Facebook page


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