Blitz #3 – Jacqui and Bec

Blitz #3 was our biggest yet, with a crew taking on bush regeneration as well as the usual blitz tasks like mulching, building no dig gardens, and implementing water storage and grey water.

Jacqui had some reflections on the day:

“I would like to extend a huge and VERY belated THANK YOU to everyone who made Permablitz #3 such a success on Saturday 3 November at my place in Mangerton.  It was the 3rd permablitz I’ve been involved in so I thought I had a pretty good idea of what to expect from the day – I was wrong!  Nothing can prepare you for the feeling of over 40 people descending on your garden and transforming it in a matter of hours.

Despite some early rain it turned out to be a fabulous day and it was great to see some new faces, along with a few regular blitz attendees (some of who are now eligible to host a permablitz at their place having attended all 3 permablitzes). We had people smashing up an old retaining wall (this was later used as garden edging), Shez leading up a small army creating no dig beds, a 1,000L water tank was levelled and put in place, the orchard was planted out with fruit trees and grey water lines installed, Kristy leading up a team removing an enormous patch of lantana (and removing the small landfill of rubbish that was underneath it!) and planting out with natives to stabilise the embankment. The power of chooks was revealed as a small team dug out the straw yard and tirelessly sifted the soil, creating a beautiful pile of compost to use for planting the veggie seedlings.

Special thanks go to Cath Blakey who agreed at the last minute to lead the team in the creek for a massive week removal effort and planting of natives including bushfoods in amongst the Alocasia brisbanensis or Cunjevoi or Spoon Lily. (just in case anyone was wondering what they were!)

Thanks also to Bec and Trina who looked after the catering for the day and made a great tofu BBQ along with yummy salads (some from the garden!), felafels and veggies curry.

All in all about 150 veggie seedlings, over 100 native plants and 10 fruit trees were planted.  I think it would have taken us about 2 years to achieve what was done on the day and we have been enjoying an overwhelming amount of produce from the garden.  It was particularly nice to get home from a short holiday and head into the back yard instead of to the shops for some fresh food!”

Check out the rest of the photos on our Facebook page






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