Blitz #9 – Stacey and Mal

Blitz#9 will always stick in our minds for the epic human chain of materials moving up a hill, around a corner, up another hill, around another corner, and then up the hill into the backyard. Legs were burning after this one, but we achieved some great results!

Host Stacey had some reflections:

“I’d like to start by saying thankyou. Thankyou for your time, your expertise and your enthusiasm.

Ten years ago,  I didn’t garden as I had little interest. Five years ago I didn’t garden as I had little time. Two years I ago, I realised that I needed to start putting my money where my mouth was and start actively engaging in my communtiy and my environment. My standing joke used to be the that I could kill any plant unfortunate enough to land itself in my garden, today I am somehow managing to maintain 9 vege beds, the beginnings of a fruit forest a veritable banana plantation and a couple of kids.

What I have learnt is that people are fricken awesome. To have 50 odd people rock up on your doorstep and transform your life is incredibly humbling. The amount of advice I have obtained, not just from the corpermablitztz crew but from the extended community has been great.

I have learnt that really,  you can never have enough newspaper.

I have learnt that bak choy is a lovely green and does not taste like old shoes. So, that is what it is meant to taste like!

And I have learnt that kids really can be awesome allies in contributing to the garden. The cubby house that was built on the day is awesome and the kids love it, but what they get the most enjoyment from is helping plant new crops, watering and weeding or as they call it “feeding the guinea pig”.

Currently the garden is looking pretty great. We have gotten rid of the crab apple and let in some more light. The old bbq up the back has been repurposed as path edging to hold back the mountain of mulch (let me know if you have a lead on any more bricks!)  We started harvesting greens less than a month after the blitz (obviously the magic horse poo worked a treat)and are currently looking at what to plant for spring.

I got involved with permablitz because my mates were there, I wanted to learn some new skills and I really like food and so wanted to have it at my back door. Add to that the great people I have met, the skills I still need to learn and the food I am discoveting everyday (yacon anyone?) and I will see you all at many blitzes to come.

STACEY. (Please note the collective I….and Mal)”

Check out the full set of photos on our Facebook page


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