Permablitz #14 – Farmers by Choice

This blitz was one of the most epic sites yet! There was a great showing from the local community, who already knew the hosts from their previous work with the Flame Tree Community Co-Op and other permaculture projects around the area. It’s really wonderful to see the networks and connections strengthening, and people working together, sharing knowledge and resources. The hosts (Luke, Nathan, Marina, and David) were amazing and did so much pre-preparation work getting the site ready for the day and it was a smooth and enjoyable blitz day as a result!

The local media got in on the act, and printed an article about the Farmers by Choice crew and what they are doing with the space. Check that out here

We’ll do a full post soon but for now check out the pictures of the day on the Facebook page!!

Our next blitz is going to be around May 2016 – this will be a return to our roots of smaller backyard designs, and will be held in Port Kembla. To get on the mailing list and stay in touch with what is happening, email us at




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