Permablitz the Gong Community

It’s a really amazing community that has grown with Permablitz the Gong over the past thirteen blitzes. Together we’ve hauled countless bales of straw and lucerne and dubious smelling manure, put up fences, dug ponds and swales, planted trees and veggies, and done created all sorts of amazing permaculture landscapes. In addition to that, we’ve also built some pretty cool bonds. People have started getting together outside blitzes to hang out, weed each others gardens (thanks to Stacey for creating the aptly named irregular Slackerblitz!), share knowledge and skills…we’ve even had a romance form amid all that organic matter!

At a recent blitz, one of our blitzes Maddie said that she wanted a way to network with people outside the blitz environment and so in response we created a Facebook group for everyone! There are some great discussions happening there, and it’s a great place to share excess resources, ask for help or advice, or just talk about all things permie-related!

Check it out: Permablitz the Gong Community


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